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At Nowra Dental we offer a range of general dentistry services for both adults and children including fillings, extractions, orthodontics, root canals, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants and much more.

Department of Veteran Affairs card holders welcome along with children eligible for the new Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme.

Our team of highly trained dental professionals are very gentle and will take care of any dental requirement you may need.


Save the hassle of taking claims to your health fund – we provide on the spot online claims.


Please find below a brief description of some of our services.

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Veneers & Crowns

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Dental crowns cover over and encase the tooth on which they are cemented. Dentists use crowns when rebuilding broken or decayed teeth, as a way to strengthen teeth and and as method to improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth.

Crowns are made  by a dental technician who uses moulds of your teeth made by your dentist.


Children and the elderly

Childrens-dentistry dentist Nowra 3Caring for your children’s teeth is very important.Your child’s permanent teeth need to last a life time. Regular dental visits from an early age will detect any problems and allow your child’s permanent teeth to come through straight and well spaced.

Similarly , as we age extra care needs to be taken to maintain good dental health.

We are proud to offer our young , and not so young, patients the special care they deserve.

Teeth Whitening

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Not everyone’s teeth are suitable for whitening. If your teeth and gums are not in a healthy condition before you whiten, the procedure may cause more damage. Even if there is nothing wrong with your teeth there may be other reasons why whitening won’t work.

The safest way to work out if your teeth are suitable for whitening is to see your dentist first. Dentists are the only people trained and qualified to make an accurate assessment of your teeth and gums.

Cosmetic Dentistry

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In today’s age of technology, your dentist has a range of options to help your teeth look great. Stained teeth, dark teeth, chipped teeth, crooked teeth, and even teeth that are missing altogether, can be repaired or replaced. Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is the broad heading under which many dental procedures that improve the appearance of teeth may be described.

Dental Implants

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A dental implant is the closest thing to a natural tooth your dentist can give you. They feel much more natural and secure than traditional removable dentures, especially if these are loose fitting because of extensive bone loss. If several adjacent teeth are missing, a fixed bridge may be attached to dental implants as an alternative to a removable partial denture plate. Dental implants allow for the replacement of a missing tooth without modifying adjacent teeth.